The Forgotten

Welcome to the Forgotten

The Forgotten Cabal is a multi-faction society for the game The Secret World (TSW). The purpose of our Cabal is to be social, enjoy the game, seek game progression and provide support to its members and the wider community with Cabal driven events. We are looking for players who are interested in the above, share the same values/ideas, are willing to contribute their time for development of other community events and be an example of good gameplay to others and work towards group orientated goals for game progression.

What do we do?

The Secret World is known for its welcoming Community and this is something we always like to make emphasis on, so much so that we have made community events on various occasions, be it promotional streams, free giveaways of large driven events such as World Boss Day.

We continue to encourage our members to make our community a better place and show themselves as examples of fair and appropriate gameplay to others in the game.

Presently we cater for the following activities:

  • Weekly Elite Raids both UK/US Time Zones
  • Scenario Grinding
  • 10k Monster farming
  • Nightmare Dungeons
  • PvP activities
What is our future plan?

Presently we are working towards Nightmare Raids and are in the process of completing augment & Museum progression, including kit farming from Kaidan Dungeons

What do we lack?

Role-play gaming is not something we have pursued, it is not something we have plans to expand on however this does not mean we dismiss other players choices to engage in this, we would be quite happy to organise it as a group activity if someone wished to take a lead on it.

What are we looking for?

Presently we are looking for any players who have wish to engage with the in game activites reguarly, there is no gear level requirement, only that you are engaging with the Cabal and the game.

We advise players to be active at least once a week on the game and engage in group Cabal activity when they are online. Anyone who is inactive for longer than 4 weeks will ususally be removed from the Cabal unless they advise the manager of any time thay may be away from the game for a month or longer.

And what we do not want…

As with any decent cabal, we do not tolerate rudeness, stigmatism, racism or demeaning behaviour towards others, anything considered intentionally offensive and hateful will be taken very seriously, this Cabal does not look well upon people who wish to cause negativity. Such behaviour will result in removal from the Cabal and in some instance reporting to the moderators/GM’s.

So why join us?

This is often the most common question we get asked and for good reasons, not every Cabal will fit all persons, however we feel we do have a good community and good opportunity for it to be further improved upon with like-minded people joining us. We strongly feel that we have the potential to become something more positive than what we offer already and the key in achieving this is having good people join us to make the Cabal into something really enjoyable for all.

How do I join?

Joining the Cabal can be approached in either one of 3 ways:

  • In game – Discussion with the officers
  • TSW Forum post – Private message to the officers
  • Website Application

The above are all ways of contacting our team, however members will not be added until an application for the Cabal has been made, this will then be reviewed by our officers who will then decide if you meet the requirements to join.

Our officers are as follows:
Raztec – bigbolders – Freedan – Minaui – DocDrunk – Granskauen – Chosen-Admire

We really do hope the above information provides a good account of what we are about and what we want to achieve. We hope it will encourage other like-minded individuals to seek us out, if you do have more questions about who we are and what we do please message us in-game, we look forward to hearing from you.