The Arcane Light

The Arcane Light

Casual but Dedicated!

We accept that real life must come first but when we’re in-game we will run with the best.

We aim to provide a mature, drama-free environment where members can enjoy the game to the fullest in the company of like-minded individuals. A place for those that consider themselves ‘hardcore’ gamers but that, due to real life responsibilities, can no longer dedicate as much time to a game as they may like.

We have always been a group that enjoys all the various aspects of The Secret World in a no stress casual friendly way. Most of us are more into PvE but we also have people running PvP at least for the dailies. We do not forget our role player background but currently aren’t active in TSW RP. We totally understand if you want to complete your museum instead of your Augment wheel or the other way round. We are a friendly bunch and can run dungeons and lairs while having a chat or drink and also won’t yell at people for needing an AFK or just learning their roles.

Now under a renewed leadership we also focus more on the end game.

We’ve beaten the elite raids and we want more. There’s a core group or two working hard on Aegis at the moment in preparation for the NM raids. Due to our population being split between European and North American time zones our current lair and raid activities take place Saturday and Sunday from around 19:00 UTC on. Euro and NA groups also go farming and dungeoneering in their respective evening hours during the week.

We have room for more people whether interested in learning the NM raids or just wanting to join us in the adventure. We all want to see and do everything TSW has to offer, don’t we?

Please take a look at our website: for more information. You will find our charter there and if everything is still looking good you can make an application there.