Omne Datum Optimum — ODO

Founding Fifty Templar Cabal

What do we do:

We strive to do all content in the game, to enjoy the game in all of its aspects: be it PVP, PVE, RP, or just having fun talking to friends. We have multiple Raid Teams that run at different times of the day and days out of the week, so that people who wish to pursue progression can get the goal they wish for.

We don’t require any steady ‘have to do X content to remain in cabal.’ Because we embrace every aspect of the game, and strive to do everything, people of any interest can find an interesting home in ODO.

What we do not do:

We are a mature (well, or so we say, but like CS Lewis said: “When I became a man I put away childish things, including the fear of childishness and the desire to be very grown up.”), eighteen and up, multinational cabal, so we expect a modicum of respect given towards not just fellow members of Omne Datum Optimum, but in the overall general community. We have no tolerance for bigotry, ragequitting, flaming, trolling, griefing, or anything else that breaks the cardinal rule: “Don’t be a dick, yo.”

If you are interested:

We do require an application at our website, The reason this is required is it is very easy to invite people willy nilly, but then you end up with differing expectations of what is to occur. Whereas, if you apply, you are expressing your interest in the cabal in the most valuable currency: taking the time to read our Rules of Conduct and Charter. This keeps every member who joins on the same page.

You are also welcome to drop a line to any of the Master Commanders or Standard Bearers, all of whom are capable of inviting to cabal once an application has been submitted, and answering questions you might have in regards to the cabal. If they don’t know the answer, each of them knows others who know the answer.

Operor Vestri Officium Adveho Quis May
Do your duty, come what may.