Museum Items

= open map drop
= lair drop
= requires mission or dungeon
= drops during an event
Rare itemHeroic itemEpic Item
Where a mob type is named, the drop is available from any monster of that type.
Ancient Necklace
Scorched Desert — Sol Invictus at 200, 600
Akhenaten x2
Common drop
Clown Nose
Savage Coast — Theme Park Tycoon mission
Unlocks Scarecrow pose
Drops from angry clown
Condensed Anima Energy
Manhattan Exclusion Zone — The Unutterable Lurker
Upgrades Gaia Engine x2
Custodial Anima Infuser
2000 Achievement Points — Dr Caligari
Upgrades Gatekeeper and Agartha Custodian x3
Purchase for 1 MPax
Cybernetic Collar
Manufactory Breached — Boss #2
Unlocks Werewolf pose
Cybernetic Ocular Enhancer
Manufactory Breached — Boss #4
Unlocks Draug Lord pose
Depleted Energy Cell
The Manufactory — Boss #2
Upgrades Orochi Tank
Dr. Klein’s Notes
The Ankh — Boss #6
Upgrades Dr. Klein x2
Flaming Core
Fire Spirits / Cultists
Scorched Desert — Eastern Scar at 500, 900
Unlocks Aten Cultist pose
Common drop
Filthy Spider Fangs
City of The Sun God — Egypt Regional Boss
Upgrades Guardian Spiders
Filthy Tuft of Fur
Blue Mountain — Solomon Island Regional Boss
Upgrades Guardian Hounds
Filthy Tusk
Manufactory Breached — Boss 6
Upgrades Guardian Boars
Filthy Wing Flesh
Besieged Farmlands — Transylvania Regional Boss
Upgrades Guardian Birds
Glowing Fungus
Kaidan — The Eight Headed Serpent mission
Unlocks Forest Golem pose
Plethron Omega
Glowing Mayan Bones
Winter Holidays event — Xibalba
Wrath of Aten pedestal
Glowing Scale
Polaris — Boss 6
Upgrades Ur-Draugx2
Hardened Earth Shard
Mud Golems
Kingsmouth — Mudslide Shambler/Earthspewer
Upgrades Mud Golem x2
Hate-Infused Feather
Savage Coast — The Strange Boat House in the Mist mission
Upgrades Forest God
Common drop
Ice Shard
Ice Golems
Carpathian Fangs — Accursed Ice
Upgrades Ice Golem x2
Infected Faun Horn
Shadowy Forest — Fauns at 400, 550
Upgrades Forest God
Common drop
Jack’s Head
Samhain Event — Epic Sack of Penny Dreadfuls
Upgrades Jack x2
25% chance
Living Branch
Fata Padurii
Shadowy Forest — Fata Padurii at 1050, 650
Unlocks Fata Padurii pose
Living Shard
Forest Golems
The Mansion scenario — Effigy X77 Golem random event
Upgrades Forest Golem x2
Living Water Shard
Water Golems
Manufactory Breached — Boss 3 (Water Golem)
Upgrades Water Golem x2
Lunar Shard
Lunar Golems
Anniversary/Gilded Rage event — Genizah of the Solar/Lunar Metal
Upgrades Gold and Silver Golems
Magus Amulet
Vampire Magi
Carpathian Fangs — House of Draculesti Mages at 410, 990
Upgrades Mara The Vampire Queen
Common drop
Mayan Necklace
Blue Mountain — Unearthed Holkan/Ahkin/Nacom at 300, 400
Unlocks Elder Zombie pose
Mayan Warpaint
The Darkness War — Boss 4
Unlocks Ancient Ak’ab pose
Pestilent Shard
Insect Golems
Kaidan — The Eight Headed Serpent mission
Upgrades Insect Golem x2
Plethron Alpha
Ripped Ancient Fabric
City of The Sun God — Beneath You It Eats Its Name mission
Unlocks Jinn pose
possible mission reward
Rusted Fire Axe
Zombie Firefighters
Kingsmouth — Kingsmouth Volunteer Fire Dept. at 470, 525
Unlocks Fast Zombie pose
Rusted Sigil Ring
Carpathian Fangs — The Castle
Upgrades Mara The Vampire Queen
mission reward
Sacred Soil
Winter Holidays event — Vestige of The Nameless Days
Unlocks Mud Golem pose
Bounty of the Tlatlacatecoloh (possibly only Scorched Desert)
Sandstone Shard
Sand Golems
City of The Sun God — Sand Threats/Tremors at 470, 525
Upgrades Sand Golem x2
Sentient Cog
Hell Raised — Boss 6
Upgrades Machine Tyrant x2
Solar Shard
Solar Golems
Gilded Rage event — Genizah of the Solar Metal
Upgrades Gold and Silver Golems
Tank Commander Blade
The Manufactory — Boss #1
Upgrades Orochi Tank
Torn Cloth
Spectre Amalgrams
Kaidan — The Korinto-Kai mission
Upgrades Spectre Amalgram x2
Writhing Shade of The Consumers
Torn Pagans Jacket
Spectre Amalgrams
Kaidan — The Pagans mission
Unlocks Filthy Hulk pose x2
Tomo, Angry Feet, Big Johnny
Ursine Rib
Zombie Bears
The Mansion scenario — Effigy X77 Zombie (Bear)
Upgrades Shambling Bear x2
also rare bear boss in Kingsmouth
Volcanic Shard
Lava Golems
City of The Sun God — Points of Impact mission
Upgrades Lava Golem x2
Cooling Lava Golems, Primary Melts