First and foremost, the great community in The Secret World. Too many to count, helped with a lot of the stuff on lores for the first version, a PowerPoint by Tipsutin which would later spawn this site. Back in the dawn of 2016.

Tumeke kindly extended permission to use the information in Ascendant’s museum spreadsheet.

And TSWDB, that superb all-round site and resource, allowed us to confirm the lore locations that were doubtful.

Lastly but not leastly, MadLyric, who provided screenshots to patch the last holes in the list. And for being herself. Maddie!

This project has being going on for the better part of a year. Things happen, as they do, and memories are porous. Have we forgotten anyone? Most probably, if not certainly. Apologies indeed, and profuse thanks to one and all for your support.

And now, the work begins.