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Everyone has a price. What’s yours?

In-Character Video Introduction: Cerberus Solutions

Cerberus Solutions is the oldest Illuminati RP cabal in The Secret World, celebrating four years in 2016. We are primarily a heavy roleplay cabal, with PVE and end-game content a distant second on our ‘to-do’ list. Our stories tend to focus on the darker, more mature side of roleplaying, with themes such as:

  • The price of power — getting it, and keeping it
  • The slippery slope of moral dilemmas
  • Struggling to remain ‘humane’ in the face of tragedy
  • The darkness inherent in human nature

The Pitch — IC

People are bad. Accept it. We’ll never have a world free of corruption and crime. If there’s going to be crime, there’s going to be organized crime. And if there’s organized crime, it’s better than it’s ours than somebody else’s. The grey markets, the black markets, the things where anything goes if you can just pay the price… that’s what we handle. Because it’s always going to be there.

But why do we care, right? I don’t know if you’ve been outside recently, but shit is real out there. Romania. New England. Tokyo. The world’s going to Hell, and people are desperate. And desperate people will use desperate measures.

Don’t you get it? These things, the Filth. They’re competitors. And they’re threatening our market share. So that’s what Cerberus is for. We’re the hound of the underworld; the guardian between the daylight and what lurks in the dark. That’s who we are. That’s what we are. We monitor, regulate, and manipulate the fringe markets of society. We make sure that the bad stuff stays where it’s supposed to: firmly in Blue control.

It’s all about power, after all.

The Concept — IC

Cerberus is a small, closely-knit organization within the Eye tasked with working with the black and grey markets and guarding them against ‘undue’ supernatural influence and control. We make deals with demons and blackmail angels; we sell out our morals in pursuit of pragmatism and profit. We make difficult decisions, because the world is a bad place, and at least one of the three factions needs to realize that neither mystic models nor misguided morality is going to save us when the Filth creeps into our homes and businesses — not as a tentacle monster or a horde of zombies, but as the newest designer drug.

Who do we recruit? People who are willing to do what needs to be done when it needs to be done. People who have a background in the criminal underworld and know how to play hardball when they have to — and how to sweet talk, when that’s the better option.

We’re a team. Those other guys? Fuck ’em. Because given half the chance, they’ll fuck us. As a team, we have the skills and the know-how to make sure that we’re on top of the pile, and that we keep the upper hand. There’s honor among these thieves… or at least, a begrudging trust. It’s do or get done… so if you watch my back, I’ll watch yours.



Cerberus is a small, RP-heavy cabal based on the Arcadia server. Our fearless leader is Null-State (Jessica ‘Null-State’ Vanderbilt), who is assisted by her stalwart thugs goons officers, Spellsmith (Sanneke ‘Sandrijn’ DeJaegher) and Bachelor (Peter ‘Bachelor’ Bunting). Our players are primarily based from US Central time (GMT -5) to Central European time (GMT +1), although we have members from around the world. We try to regularly schedule events in times friendly for both sides of the pond.

We purposefully try to keep Cerberus membership on the small side, to make sure that each player and character has a chance to have their time in the spotlight and be part of a genuine, growing story rather than a ‘cog in the machine’. Our members are invited to brainstorm new plotlines and host their own events. We’re a community that prides ourselves on being friendly and open, OOC, even as we explore the dark and often disturbing stories that makes TSW so unique.