Coord Collection # Details
210,140 Filth Guardians 7 In the elite version of Agartha Defiled, jump down to the side branch
Golems 8 Do “Happy Feet” achievement to spawn the lore
545,445 The Sinking City 2 On top of a the entrance to Sunken Library. Use /moonwalk at the edge of the entrance to Seoul
255,245 The Black Signal – The Black Signal 1 Right side of the portal to Kaidan
405,320 The Whispering Tide 1 Left side of the portal
585,170 The Whispering Tide 2 Next to a portal
560,295 The Whispering Tide 3 Left side of portal which leads to Tokyo branch
395,330 The Whispering Tide 4 Right side of portal
555,285 The Whispering Tide 5 Right side of portal which leads to Tokyo branch
260,225 The Whispering Tide 6 Left side of Kaidan portal
305,175 The Whispering Tide 7 On Tokyo branch
510,230 The Whispering Tide 8 On Venice branch between two portals
385,340 The Call of The Nameless 3 In front of the portal to Scorched Desert
505,385 The Buzzing 4 First platform leading to Kingsmouth
475,245 The Buzzing 5 Next to Kingsmouth entrace
535,310 The Filth 2 On a branch before Kingsmouth entrance
665,115 Agartha 1 Walk past Blue Mountain entrance
590,530 Agartha 2 Next to a Sunken Library
630,365 Agartha 3 Between Hell Raised and Darkness War elite
650,630 Agartha 4 Walk past Carpathian Fangs entrance
685,45 Agartha 5 Before you reach Slaughterhouse elite
505,300 Agartha 6 Next to City of The Sun God portal
590,390 Agartha 7 Between Sunken Library and Kaidan portal
840,465 Agartha 8 Next to a Hell Raised nightmare entrance
740,335 Agartha 9 Between Besieged Farmlands and Shadowy Forest