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THE STUFF of The Secret World Legends

Up-to-date! Mostly! And mobile-friendly! Bells and whistles! Sort of!

Not having yet completed Orochi Tower, the entry is there but not confirmed. The info is most probably right, though.

– Bagofcats

Welcome to the Stuff of TSW!

A logbook of all those scattered bits about The Secret World.

Starting with Lores and Lore entries. And then expanding to fill in details on other odds and ends: Augments, Museum Collectibles, Lair Fragments and Signets. And then, and then, weather allowing, other bits of TSW knowledge — (whispers) rare drops, event loot? who knows…

We, the people, are also the stuff making up TSW. So, directories of cabals, player associations and custom chat channels, and websites.

Coming soon™ (a.k.a. Mañana®) — a News section to keep track of what is happening in both the Live and Test Live versions, and Upcoming Events. Because, news!

Mind you, the game changes and anyway, stuff does happen. Please, take the Under Construction notice as a given.

Have fun!